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Maya Road Guest Designer: Rebecca Luminarias & Holiday Gift Tags

Hey Roadies! We're back for another inspiring creation from November Guest Designer, Rebecca Luminarias! If you missed her stunning gift ensemble, be sure to scroll back a post on the blog to see it. It's not to be missed! The details are oh so dreamy!

And speaking of dreamy...Rebecca has holiday tags galore to share today. These tags are so beautiful they are pretty much a gift in themselves!

Thanks so much Rebecca for joining us again today! Take it away...

Holiday Gift Tags by Rebecca Luminarias

Hi guys!  It's Rebecca Luminarias back with you again and I have a set of holiday gift tags that I'm sharing this time.  I was inspired by the chipboard snowflakes, Cream Satin Scallop trim, and Christmasy green Wheatgrass twine to create 4 large layered tags, perfect for topping presents!



The first thing I did was cover the plain chipboard snowflakes with different glitters.  I just brushed on a solid coat of basic kraft glue, and poured glitter over that, shaking off the excess, and allowing plenty of drying time.  I used various glitters in red, rosy pink, bright gold, and a coppery gold hue.



To create the tags, I used different paper scraps and smaller tags, layered together.  Whenever I make tags like this (and I make a lot of them), I also like to add some fabric or ribbon textures in the layers as well.



The cream scallop trim was a main component in this process, and I added some to each of my tags; sometimes it's behind the front layer, other times it's on top of it.  Lace and paper doilies are other favorites for this technique.



On this Noel tag, for instance, I've used both lace and doilies, as well as the scallop trim, all placed under the red and pink plaid top layer.  There is even a Mini Linen Pennant Banner nestled in the lower right corner.  This is where I placed an altered pink glitter snowflake.


You'll notice I've added a Resin Flower to the center of each snowflake, as well, to give them some depth.  The last piece for this tag is a mint tassel that I made from crochet thread.  I talked tassel-making in my last post; I make and use them often in my craft projects.



This Merry Christmas tag uses another tassel, but this time I made it with the Wheatgrass twine, and added a cute heart from the Vintage Lock My Heart charms pack to it.



Along with the paper piece layers, I've included some tulle and a scallop-edge kraft journaling tag, its black border peeking out behind the layers.  It mirrors the cream scallop trim I affixed underneath the sentiment layer.  On this tag, I used 2 glittered snowflakes with resin flowers.  The snowflakes in the pack are different styles and sizes which makes it so nice when your aim is variety, not uniformity.



I'm moving into incorporating some pale blue into my next 2 tags, starting off with this one featuring the cute little wintery house.  I added some blue so I had the excuse to use one of the Tempting Teal resin flowers, and did just that, adhering it to the center of a coppery-gold glittered snowflake.  I used 2 snowflakes on this tag, also; the second being a bit bigger with bold red chunky glitter, and it has a Snow White resin flower in its center--how fitting is that name?!



There is more of the cream scallop ribbon, of course, toward the bottom, but I also used a small piece behind a pale pink embroidery floss bow near the top.  I love using just that little bit of it as an extra detail and layer.



For my last tag, I used mostly desaturated colored paper scraps, and put in a kraft journaling card with a black scallop edge as a pop of saturation.  Since I didn't use a lot of kraft in my tags, I played up the black edges of the cards instead.



The snowflake here is done in bright gold glitter, and the addition of the large Snow White mum is possibly disproportionate, but I love it!  There are not as many textures or thick layers on this tag as in previous ones, so the really big flower on the smallish snowflake isn't overpowering.



I alluded to a holiday-style gift bag in my previous post, promising to reveal what I would put inside if it.  As I mentioned before, I make a lot of these layered tags and during the holidays, everyone is in need of tags for all of their Christmas packaging, I think.  The tags I made today will fit in this gift bag, all ready to give as a sweet, handmade gift.



As I did with the birthday gift bag, I glued Saffron scallop trim to the bottom of a muslin bag.  I did 3 rows instead of just 2 this time, but the decor on the top of the bag is not as large as it was on the birthday bag.



I chose a couple paper cuttings again, an embroidery floss bow, and two small trims in red and cream.  Then I topped those off with a linen pennant banner, a gold snowflake, and a white resin flower.  It's all attached to the front of the bag with a standard gold paper clip.


I can't wait to deliver these tags--a little early so my friends and family can use them on their holiday packages.  They already have everything needed for wrapping right on them--bows, ribbons, embellishments, and tassels!



Thank you so much for having me back to share my festive tags with you!  Maybe they've even given you some ideas for your own packaging and Christmas presents.  Happy Holidays!



Thanks so much Rebecca for guest designing for Maya Road! We've loved being able to share your beautiful and oh so inspiring creations!

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